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Lots of Tape and Gags for Dixon Mason – Part 2

This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Dr. Cupcakes wraps black tape over the microfoam, making the gag even tighter. He doesn't stop there though. He keeps going, wrapping around her forehead, then alongside her nose and under her chin. You can tell by her whimpers that this is not a comfortable gag at all. He continues adding red tape to her body. It's clear at this point that she will be almost completely mummified to the chair by the time he's done. He removes her current gag. He notes her reactions as he slap grabs her taped up tits. A rubber pump gag is inserted in her mouth and pumped up. Clear tape wrapped around her mouth makes sure it won't slip out. Once again, more red tape is added before the pump gag is removed. He must be feeling nice as Dixon is left ungagged for a bit as a rope is tied into her hair. He then wanders off, but soon returns with her next gag. It is a large spider ring gag. She is gagged once again. She is then nose hooked and finally her head is pulled back by the hair tie, and tied off to the back of the chair. A different kind of clamp is applied to her already sore nipples, and then Dixon is left to endure the escape proof tape bondage. At the end of the clip the Dr. returns to taunt her a bit before the clip ends. I have also added a deleted gag scene. This was a very tight gag that Dixon tapped out of almost immediately after it was applied.

Format: mp4
Duration: 27:02
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 2928kbps
Audio: 119kbps

File size: 604.9 MB

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